Copar Support

Copar offers 24 hour support for all of its products. We have free support during regular working hours Monday thru Friday 7am to 5pm central time and paid after hours support from 5pm to 7am and weekends.

Copar also has the black box “flight data” recorder featured on all our CSSC 8 systems. Our engineers use the recorded data to troubleshoot the events at the times it is reported to us. Copar can replay you issue, after the fact, as if they were watching your machine run in real-time. Black Box data continuously records allPLC I/O data and touch screen interactions. Data is automatically archived for 35 days or more so that the issue may be investigated days or weeks after an event occurs.

Copar offers several training options from our training staff to meet your plant’s specific needs. A process control specialist is available for on-site training. For a thorough understanding of the Copar process control system and how your plant will benefit from utilizing all of its features.

Please contact our service department for scheduling opportunities.